2019 is a new year and a new year of colors! From bold to soft, here are the most recommended colors for 2019.


Hazelnut will never go out of style nor will it clash with furniture or other furnishings that are already in your home.The hazelnut color is great for bringing more light into a room, helping the room look larger than it really is. This color pairs really well with other colors especially white, creating a clean and sophisticated look inside your home.

Lilac Gray

This is considered the most classic paint colors for interior paints, especially when looking for a neutral yet crisp color. This color of paint is great at making the gray look warmer and cheerful as well as warming up any room.

Dark Greens

This look is a take on the hunter green trend and bring the power of mother nature into your home as well as the healing properties of the outdoors. If you add hints of gray, it can help the room look more sophisticated. As known as “Night Watch”, this luxurious color is for a room that is well lit and larger because this color can be overpowering and overcrowding a room.

Muted Pastels

These muted tones can also have a comforting and soothing appeal that can bring any room together with the right furnishings. This gender neutral color is great for bathrooms and kitchens, helping make the room look big and inviting for your guests. This color is also great for covering up everyday nicks that mark up your wall. This is a great pick for 2019 and can compliment any room and give it more of a lift than just using the color white.

New Blues

New blues consist of charcoal blue, gray-blue pale powder blue, and ice blue are great shades of blue that are light enough to bring color to a room, but not too much color where you might get tired of looking at it after a few months. These blues go great with touches of purple and hints of gray. These colors are the most subtle but give the house interior a light “pop” that can go a long way.


If you are trying to go into the new year without the subtle look, mustard is the way to go. Mustard creates rich accents and is great for a accenting wall or even trim. This color creates depth even if only using on one wall in the room. Mustard promotes optimism and can really make a splash in your room and start your 2019 in the brightest way.


Though this color made its’ popular debut in the 70’s, it has made its’ way back into our homes. This is a beige color with more gray, less brown and can bring warmth into a room without it making it feel outdated. The mushroom color looks great with natural furnishings giving it the classic look it is known for.

These are the most recommended colors of 2019. If you have any questions or need an estimate, call us today at (209) 577-1050 or visit us at https://wrightchoice.com/blog/