Picking the right colors for your home exterior is just as important as the interior colors of your home. Our last blog post discussed the best interior paint choices for 2019. This  post will discusses the great colors spring has to offer and how we can use those colors to really enhance and bring your personality to your homes. 


  • In western culture, purple was a color that was used for the nobles and a color that represented wealth. Mixing this color with a white trim can help enhance the luxury of the color. This is a rich color and can look great with natures natural green colors that grow outside. 


  • Yellow is bright and can be an intense color. But this color is great for home exteriors to bring that warm at-home feeling that we want our houses to feel. 
  • Accenting your yellow paint with a blue or another crisp color can give your home that refreshing feeling. Accenting also will not allow the yellow overpower your home.


  • Usually red is painted on one wall because it is such a strong color and can give strength to any room. Adding whites and grey’s is a high recommendation when using this color. Whites and grey colors can take away some intensity of the red.
  • Another color that actually goes great with red for exterior homes is orange. Orange can be described as not only a strong color, but helps bring peace and harmony to the intensity of the color red. 

Multi Color

  • Using more than one color can make your home more eye-catching. Using colors that compliment each other is important. When using more than one color for the exterior paint of your home.
  • A perk of using multiple colors as it can be a way for the homeowner to reflect their personality and preferences. 
  • Going the route of multi color leaves you with more options than just one color. Another great addition is using different accents like raised panels or adding stone. These features can really give the exterior of your home that extra something special. And really make your home stand out from your neighbors.


  • Green is a great color for the exterior of your home, because the color identifies with freshness and peace. This is a major trend for this Spring. The combination of the green and the white window shutters really brings a clean and crisp look to the outside of your home.

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