Textured Paint And Why You Need It

Textured Paint And Why You Need It

The way you decorate and design your home can be a reflection on the type of personality you have, as well as showing your taste preferences. Textured paint is great paint that can give your home the extra finish that completes the look and feel that you are trying to achieve.

Adding texture to your walls can be a necessity in making a unique and natural look to your walls or ceilings. There are different types of textured paint; depending on how “textured” you want your walls to look.

Not only is adding texture paint to your home isn’t only just appealing to the eye, but it also enhances durability. Textured paint is great for outdoors because it can withstand water, UV rays, wind, and temperature changes as well as reducing the chances of peeling, sagging, flaking, and fungi algae growth.

Texture paint can range from very fine to coarse. Just make sure if you are painting your ceiling or walls that you are getting the correct paint that is designed for that specific area of the room.

There are 4 different types of textured paint that you can choose from; the first is smooth texture which is light and offers a subtle effect. A step up from that is the sand texture which has a extra-heavy finish and can be used for both walls and ceilings . The next step from that would be knockdown texture which is tough and durable and be painted over with any paint color. The last texture is popcorn texture, mostly found on ceilings is heavy and effective.

Have imperfections to your wall? Chipped paint is now a thing of the past. Textured paint is the perfect paint to fix those flaws, and the easiest way. Textured paint that can take a old house and make it look new again; instead of rebuilding walls, adding the texture treatment can give your wall a whole new feel and look.

Another great attribute about textured paint is if you have a previous paint job that your not proud of- including cracks and sagging can be easily fixed with a application of textured paint. And it is so much easier to apply than wallpaper!

Texture paint is best for formal living rooms and dining rooms, avoid hallways or family rooms where kids and animals spend most of their time in the house.

Whether you are trying to fix up your home or want to give it a completely new look, textured paint is a perfect choice to add some flare to your house and make it truly feel like home.